Teenager from Sweden, 15 y/o. Music saves the day. Love art and a place in the sun, Bali is my dream..
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Miss my second home Greece so bad right now, oooh, take me there, now plz!!

Some one once told me that friends are all you need to go through life.. ♥♥♥

So I made it a little nicer,.. Little more me and myself. But Im actually not that pink but it suits the theme. So, this is alot better. I’m gonna slepp now after a little pic bomb soon, feelings here and there. They are everywhere..


So there has been such much rage about her haircut, but I kinda like it really much, I dig’ it. It suits her.. Beauty Miley.

Okay so I’ve been a sicko for about 4 days now and I just cant take it anymore.. Hate this stupid cough, why does it even excist? So Im sitting here like *cough, cough, cough and ..* *COUGH* AGAIN, AND THEN. GUESS WHAT.. COUGGGGGHHHHHH

Story of my life, isch..

So I cant miss any more lessons in school so I have to go there in Monday, hope I wont disturb my classmates cause i WILL cough, without a doubt.. *mohaha*

So I was going to change my theme into a *….* (something don’t remember his name) theme, and it was so NICE. I almost passed put for a sec. But then again, I rememberd I don’t know how to find this HTML code thing in the “menu”. Have no damn clue?! How do I do that stuff? Now its cinda orange, it could work, but then again.. I’m not an orange. Why doesnt the theme thing get that, I really try to switch back but no. IT JUST WILL NOT COOPERATE, WHYYYY PLZZZZZZZZ GASH

Ye this is my rage this evening. So g’night fo now.. Seya #RAGE


This is me right about NOW

Omg feeling so lost, cant find my html code thing so I can change this uglyyyy theme.. Wtf.. How!?

And this is how I feel